Monday, January 26, 2009

Dramaz Beach

Recently, I just submitted a comedy series of mine, Dramaz Beach, for consideration by the Debbie Lee over at the ABC and Brett Sleigh over at SBS. I have been rejected. Twice.

The feedback I got from Debbie was good though - she said I had good comedic timing and an ear for dialogue, so that's some consolation. Unfortunately, they had a very similar project already in development, so that really put the kaibosh on this one.

Brett didn't get around to reading it, but he said my pitch was very similar to the British show "Echo Beach/ Moving Wall Paper".

Both of them were very polite and clearly very well versed in their work and the developmental goings-on in the television realm.

And I figure rejection's just part of the game. And I'm only 21. Still young enough and dumb enough to cope with rejection fairly adequately.

So, I'm continuing with my feature scripts and novel, and putting my TV stuff on the back burner for a while, which was my original plan anyway.

Until later,

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