Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The next Lot of Scripts

Here's the next few ones I read.

57 SUNSET BOULEVARD 58 Duck Soup 59 Wanted 60 Shakespeare in Love61 A FEW GOOD MEN 62 The Graduate 63 Mr Smith Goes to Washington 64 Born on the fourth of July 65 ALMOST FAMOUS 66 The English Patient 67 LA confidential.68 NORTH BY NORTHWEST .69 Thelma and Louise 70 STEP MOM 71 GOOD WILL HUNTING 72 The Maltese Falcon 73 Memento 74 forrest gump 75 Fargo 76 Rush Hour 77 Dead Poet's Society 78 EDWARD SCISSORHANDS 79 Airplane 80 Philedelphia...

Only twenty to go! YAY!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Scripts I've Read

I thought i'd put a tally of the scripts I've read so far up. The ones in capitals are those that I found, of all of them, to be the most exceptional (and unmissable) reads. When I intially select a script, I select either ones I've never seen, or ones I have seen and liked.

1 ALL ABOUT EVE,2 Annie Hall,3 Amadeus,4 Basic Instinct, 5 Adaptation, 6. 6th sense, 7.40 y.o virgin, 8.CLERKS9. BEING JOHN MALKOVICH(esoteric), 10.Jurassic Park,11. Dances with wolves, 12.THE MATRIX, 13.the Truman show, 14.COLLATERAL (action), 15.Kramer Vs Kramer, 16.Chinatown, 17.CITIZEN KANE 18.American Beauty (esoteric),19.2001 - a space odyssey, 20.MILLION DOLLAR BABY 21. The usual suspects, 22.Ace Ventura- Pet Detective, 23.African queen, 24.The Crying Game, 25.An affair to remember,26. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 27.The last boy scout 28When a stranger calls, 29 The Lion King, 30 Alien, 31 Aliens, 32 AS GOOD AS IT GETS ,33 Bridges of madison county, 34 CASABLANCA35 MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING36 Scream 37 DEER HUNTER38 Raging Bull 39 The shawshank redemption. 40. Office space 41. Lock, stock and two smoking barrels 42. THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS 43.THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY 44. Die Hard 45 Go 46 Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 47 PEARL HARBOUR 48 Little miss sunshine 49 Pleasantville; 50Scarface; 51A Mighty Heart;52 Monster's Ball; 53Ghost; 54JERRY MAGUIRE ; 55MR AND MRS SMITH, 56 Dr Strangelove....


After careful consideration, I chose Movie Magic over Final Draft. To be honest, the trial version of Final Draft was a hell of alot better than Movie Magic's . But... Movie Magic seems to be less likely to have glitches, and I can't afford to lose any more drafts...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The horror that is celtx

Alas, Celtx, for some unknown reason, destroyed and lost the script I had half finished and had been hoping to enter the Nichol's with.

I now have to buy a new screen writing software- it's out of Final draft and Movie Magic screenwriter.

decisions, decisions...